Brad Nordholm

Senior Managing Director and Co-Head,
Starwood Energy Group

Mr. Nordholm is Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Starwood Energy Group, with responsibility for overall leadership of the business, including strategic direction, execution, organizational development and investor relations. He also serves as a Director of Starwood Energy Group’s portfolio companies and on its Investment Committee

Since joining Starwood Energy Group as its first CEO in 2006, Mr. Nordholm has overseen the completion of approximately two dozen highly-structured, value-add investments in power generation and transmission projects in North America, with aggregate enterprise value of approximately $4 billion. This investment activity has been supported by Starwood Energy Group’s blind-pool investment vehicles with total capital commitments from leading institutional investors of approximately $2 billion.

During his career, Mr. Nordholm has developed, acquired and managed investments in power generation, transmission, gas transportation and storage valued in excess of $10 billion. Previously, Mr. Nordholm was Co-Founder and CEO of Tyr Energy, Inc., an award-winning asset management firm with approximately 5 GW of power generation assets, and, concurrently, was Co-Founder and Chairman of Tyr Capital, LLC, a private equity investment fund focused on power generation investment opportunities in the U.S.   Before that, Mr. Nordholm served as General Manager of Aquila, Inc., where he was responsible for the development, acquisition, management and daily optimization of 3.8 GW of power generation, 18 Bcf of gas storage and 12 Bcf/day of gas transportation assets in North America and Europe, and as CEO of U.S. Central, a $36 billion AAA-rated wholesale financial services company.

Mr. Nordholm received his BA in Economics from Carleton College, where he currently serves as a Trustee, and completed the PMD Program at Harvard Business School.